New Mixtape – KR ‘I$0LYF3 3’

19 year-old Los Angeles MC KR‘s long-awaited new project, I$0LYF3 3, is finally here. This is not only the third installment of KR’s ongoing mixtape series, but it also represents his always expanding movement that fuels his growing fan base.

“For those that not familiar with the “I$0LYF3″ movement and mixtape franchise, the meaning is simple broken down like this — (I) meaning me, ($) money, (0) my small circle, and I spell (LYF3) purposely because life is filled with lies, failure and experiences,” KR said of the project and movement.

From the jump, the project shows exactly why KR’s movement continues to grow- whether it’s the impressive, and captivating production, or his keen ability to mix in a variety of flows while maintaining his superior lyrical ability, it’s clear to see that the future is very bright for KR.

“I’m just trying to put out the best music I can, just incase tomorrow is no longer in the cards for me. I truly believe in the power of the word and rapping to me is like a supplementary sense for my vision.” Stream/download  the entire project above.



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