Tyler, The Creator Covers ‘Fader’ Magazine


Odd Future’s front man, Tyler, The Creator throws up his hood and lands on the cover of the 95th issue of The FADER. The issue hits newsstands on December 9th, but the cover story is available online here.

It’s here in his bedroom, on aimless afternoons like this one, that Tyler’s album is slowly coming to life. His team had hoped to release the LP as a surprise at November’s Camp Flog Gnaw carnival, but he is adamant that as of now, “it’s still nothing”: no title, no theme, no release date. He does have roughs of a handful of new songs, some of which he’s been working on since as far back as 2011. Like previous work, they’re lyrically raw, disruptive, and acidic—there’s at least one song entirely devoted to cunnilingus—but he’s been drawing increasingly from the floating, rubbery chords of ’70s R&B. Throughout the day’s session, he swipes between his production interface and a YouTube of 1972’s ” Where Were You When I Needed You?” by Stevie Wonder. “Stevie’s my competition,” he explains. “Not these niggas on the radio.”


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