DiamondSound Spotlight – Kaydee ‘The Transition’ Free Album

Being a “new rapper” from Toronto, Canada carries a lot of pressure these days when arguably the biggest rap star in the world at the moment is practically representing the city by himself. However, upcoming artist Kaydee isn’t trying to be the next Drake. From what it appears to be “The Transition” isn’t about chasing hot singles and club records, it is more of a conceptual aesthetic similar to that of the Kendrick Lamar’s and YG’s of the current rap game. Forget the comparisons though, as Kaydee is currently carving his own sound, trying to show people that music has no set way of existing, and is instead forever changing and reforming. What appeals about Kaydee’s debut the most is the vast amount of different influences, sounds and lyrics which can all be put together in a concise project, but open up many different worlds for the listener to be engaged in. It needs to be stressed that this album isn’t just for fans of hip-hop, if you are a music lover at all you will thoroughly enjoy this album, with there being plenty of emotive language, intense imagery and compelling production to keep you intrigued from beginning to end. Plus there’s the fact that it’s free! Obviously nobody can predict who will be a star in today’s music industry which seems to be overflowing with artists, but Kaydee doesn’t appear to want to be a star. Kaydee wants to be a legend. Download/stream the album for free above, follow Kaydee on Twitter @KaydeeTR and stay here for all Kaydee news and updates.



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