DiamondSound Spotlight – Phony Ppl ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ Album Stream

Everyone enjoys the comforts of home, but for a recording artist or band those very same comforts can create a stale, uninspiring environment that isn’t conducive to artistic growth.Phony Ppl, the funky, soulful sextet from Brooklyn, New York, experienced this dilemma while recording their new album, so they ventured out in hopes of connecting musically, socially and brotherly on a higher level. The end result, Yesterday’s Tomorrow, is mission accomplished.

According the band, the self-produced, 15-track album, is about “living, dealing with problems, learning self-confidence, and [practicing] the ‘best kind of love,’ self love.” One listen to the project’s breezy lead single, “Why iii Love the Moon,” which is driven by highly-enjoyable, jazzy keyboard chords, is proof positive that, rather than reinvent the wheel, all the group really had to do was move the workshop away from Casa De Phony.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow, released through 300 Entertainment, is now available for stream exclusively at The DJBooth. If you’re in New York this Thursday, 1/15, be sure to check out Phony Ppl at SOB’s. Details here.



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