New Video – Dillon Cooper Feat. A La $ole ‘Dead Prez’

Dillon Cooper is in a New York state of mind for his latest video “Dead Prez.” The Brooklyn spitter puts his own spin on the 1996 Shawn Carter classic “Dead Presidents” while rolling through his own stomping grounds and reminiscing on his fallen homie.

“Never forget the day I got the call, that October night/ Turned on the news and seen three n***** shot but one lost his life/ My homie caught the bullets meant for y’all/ This shit just ain’t right,” he raps. “A pallbearer on my 18th birthday/ Yeah, shit changed me.”

Cooper also salutes another Big Apple legend, dropping images of Nas circa 1994’s “The World Is Yours” and borrowing the line “I’m out for presidents to represent me.”

The last time a rising rapper tried to come correct on that haunting Ski beat, the ambitious young’un turned into J. Cole. So let’s just consider this a warm up for Dillon Cooper. Watch the Jules Renault-directed visual above and find out when Dillon Cooper comes to your city on his current tour with Mod Sun here.



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