DiamondSound Spotlight – Taijana Francis ‘Plot Twist’

Some might say there is a resurgence of female rappers right now. Whether you love them or hate them there is now denying that Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks are some of the biggest names in hip-hop at the moment, while young up and comers such as Snow Tha Product and Rapsody who provide that lyrical relief are making waves of their own. This is where Taijana Francis comes in, proving she can rap with the top women and provide that commerical appeal at the same time. Having only been rapping for 5 months, it’s clear to see that if this is the beginning, the end product might just be something to stay on the ride for. Her latest track “Plot Twist” is a lyrical outburst at the fame handed to Kim Kardashian and a vent at the sometimes ridiculousness of pop culture in this modern era. Whether you agree with the content or not is not the fundamental appeal of this song though, as it is a real introduction into the mindset and direction Taijana is aiming for with her sound, whereas previous singles were prototypes her sound is now molding into a hot commodity that might have some A&Rs attention before too long. Admittedly, investing into an artist as they are new to the game themselves isn’t the easiest introduction to an artist, but with Taijana’s media presence you can reap the rewards by checking out her website and youtube channel here:

There’s no doubt that before the year is out there will likely be a lot more output and projects from Taijana that will paint the picture clearer for exactly where she stands among the complexion of hip-hop in 2015, but there definitely is a lot of potential for someone so raw and young so don’t be surprised when you’re hearing about a new female MC coming out of Canada. For all Taijana Francis updates stay tuned.



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