New Video – GoldLink ‘Sober Thoughts’

GoldLink drops the video for “Sober Thoughts,” which is produced by Kaytranada. The video takes viewers around a huge house party. There are partially naked women and drugs everywhere. The energy “Sober Thoughts” has as a song is captured in the visual. Each room showed has a different feel—and a different vice for consumption (Red cups, 40s and Chinese takeout)—that it pulls fans in to see who’s doing what. The house is a mansion too. There’s multiple rooms filled with people doing all sort of things from dominoes to a game of dice. Link doesn’t appear in the video but he’s not needed. He explained why he made the video for “Sober Thoughts.”

“Touring around the world for the last nine months this has always been one of my favorites to perform,” GoldLink tells Billboard. ”[It] always gets the crowd going and chanting the hook by the end of the song, [I’m] excited to get this visual out to world.”

Watch the Shomi Patwary-directed video above.



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