New Video – JME Feat. Giggs ‘Man Don’t Care’

As well as dropping his album Integrity> yesterday, Jme spent half of the day trying to figure out the best time to drop off his latest video.

After initially announcing sunrise for the video, the Boy Better Know CEO changed his mind and decided to go for sunset instead before dropping off the visual for his Giggs-featured ‘Man Don’t Care’.

The Matt Walker-directed video sees Jme and some familiar faces all dressed in black, in a dark room, as the camera rotates as Jme and Giggs spit their bars bringing a few metaphors to life along the way. It’s simple but effective and is sure to bring some iconography to mind listening to the track in future – the shot of Jme setting fire to the mic with his uni degree for example is always going to play through your head when you hear that line.

Also, we’re not sure if this is intentional or not, but shouts to Giggs for wearing his Star Wars hat on May 4th!

Jme‘s Integrity> is out now. Buy it from iTunes here…



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